Jedi Mind Tricks, Psychic Powers Top Bartenders’ Wish Lists

Drink your problems away at Clio.
Drink your problems away at Clio. Photo: Eliot Hotel

Imbibe has a cool round-up of interviews with notable Boston bartenders. This time of year, they’re often asked about hangover remedies and favorite celebratory libations. Useful info indeed. But, well, we’d also like to know about their preferred superpowers. Interview highlights after the jump.

Eastern Standard’s Jackson Cannon would like to possess Jedi mind tricks. And he knew he wanted to work behind a bar after his first drink at the late, lamented B-Side Lounge.

• Bartending has worked out nicely for Deep Ellum’s Evan Harrison. Behind the bar, he met the “woman of his dreams” and all his “closest friends.” Just don’t ask him to mix a dirty martini.

Drink’s Misty Kalkofen sees herself as a “therapist, a professor, a comedian, a concierge, a matchmaker and so much more.” She’d also like to know how to read minds.

Temple Bar’s Hugh Reynolds turned to bartending after an ill-fated stint as Bingo the Clown at the Ground Round.

Craigie on Main’s Carrie Cole would like to possess universal charm. She says: “I have charm in abundance, but when people don’t get me/like me they really don’t get me or like me.” Which explains why she’d like to be a UN diplomat if she weren’t a bartender.

Clio’s Todd Maul sums things up nicely: “Bartenders can solve all of your problems.” We’ll drink to that.

Q&A; With Boston Bartenders [Imbibe]


Jedi Mind Tricks, Psychic Powers Top Bartenders’ Wish Lists