Jamie Oliver on Fire; Home Bars Are Back, Baby

• Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook, 30-Minute Meals, is the fastest-selling nonfiction book ever. Let’s hope the Naked Chef doesn’t start declaring he’s “more popular than Jesus.” [Daily Mail UK]

• Evoking both the Mad Men era and the glamorous jazz age, home bars are back. Once you’re set up for cocktail-mixing, don’t forget to hire a bartender! [WSJ]

• Big-food fail: ConAgra is the latest food giant to lower its expected-earnings prediction for the fiscal year. [WSJ]

• Scientists have launched a global initiative to find the wild versions of 23 common food crops, in case current domesticated strains are wiped by climate change. We’ll hold the sarcasm; that seems sound. [Globe and Mail UK]

• This year Domino’s Pizza turned 50 and opened its 9,000th store, and with big international-expansion plans, it’s pretty much on track to take over the world. Sounds like a case for the good-pizza avenger! [NRN]

• The key to eating less in the way of M&M;’s and other delicious-but-not-healthy foods might be to visually pig out on them before they’re in front of you. So if you need us, we’ll be over here mentally stuffing our face with eclairs. [Montreal Gazette]

Jamie Oliver on Fire; Home Bars Are Back, Baby