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HMS Host Kicks And Screams Its Way to a Two-Year Extension at LAX

Two more years! Two more years!!
Two more years! Two more years!! Photo: Jetalone via Flickr

Hell no, HMS Host won’t go! Yup, bad news just landed for anyone hoping to sweep out the distasteful past of LAX food concessions and usher in the full set of chef-driven restaurants we all hope to have representing us to the globetrotting world. Daily Breeze reports that, without even discussing the matter, L.A. Board of Airport Commissioners has extended a two-year contract for HMS Host International, the company that has ruled the food business at LAX for almost 50 years, and not run very well, unless you like wilted lettuce and tuna with texture of sawdust on dry wheat bread for $7.99.

The move follows the recent resignation of Alan Rothenberg from the commission, a CPK stock owner with indirect ties to HMS Host, who stepped aside so the group could vote on the company’s fate here. Although most everyone agrees that the food at LAX doesn’t exactly fly, HMS Host was kicking and screaming against the possibility it would be ousted and even squelched one of the deals for a new restaurant to come in. The new plan will allow HMS to run its restaurants during the extension. So yeah, apparently, acting like a bunch of babies does work to get what you want, and not only in Congress.

The good news? Michael Molina, deputy director of external affairs at LAX, says, “This lease extension will provide ongoing services for our passengers … until new selections are made in the first part of next year.” Hopefully, that means we get a new Nancy Silverton concept before our flights while HMS has to pack its bags and depart by 2013.

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HMS Host Kicks And Screams Its Way to a Two-Year Extension at LAX