Guy Fieri Opening in Dublin, CA; Food Bank Visits Up 24%

• Food Network personality Guy Fieri is taking his brand across the pond; he plans to open a Johnny Gaelic’s, er, Garlics, in Dublin, California early next year. [Contra Costa Times]

• A conference of U.S. mayors found that trips to food banks had gone up an average of 24% in all 27 U.S. cities this last year and food stamp usage had increased as well. [USA Today]

•: Bad Timing Award: L.A. has cut its emergency food reserves in half. [Contra Costa Times]

• Mozza’s recent pig dinner made use of one 300-pound Berkshire porker. [New York Times]

• Royal Clayton’s plans to relocate on Spring Street in six to eight months. [Blog Downtown]

• Santa’s not the only one monitoring good and bad behavior: According to the New York Post, your regular-haunt restaurant is likely “spying,” i.e., keeping a few notes, on you. [NYP]

• The revised food-safety bill has passed in the Senate and the House, and now it’s on its way to President Obama. [WP]

• Enjoy your cheap eats while you can, because global food prices are likely to go up. [Bloomberg]

• If you fancy some morning food porn, here’s a slideshow of dishes recommended by Asian food bloggers from Hanoi to Jakarta. [SceneAsia/WSJ]

Guy Fieri Opening in Dublin, CA; Food Bank Visits Up 24%