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Freddy’s Sets a Date

The old Freddy's.
The old Freddy’s. Photo: Ty Hewitt

A few months back we filled you in on Freddy’s new address, and now comes word that the relocated dive is slated to open early next month.

Last spring, the beloved bar became the poster child of the fight against Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards development, until it finally succumbed in April. It remains to be seen whether the new location will inspire the same fervid loyalty as the original (we have a friend whose ex was so wrapped up in being part of the regular crowd there, he eventually left her and married the bartender), but at least you’ll still be able to get a 75-cent “beertini”: Budweiser in a martini glass, garnished with a pretzel.

Freddy’s, 627 Fifth Ave., nr. 17th St., Sunset Park

Don’t call it a comeback: Freddy’s Bar set to reopen in January [Feed/TONY]

Freddy’s Sets a Date