Former San Gab Mayor Evades Purse-Snatching Charges; The Derby Will Become Chase Bank

• Former San Gabriel Mayor Albert Y.M. Huang, arrested after that whole dumpling fight incident at a Chinese restaurant, will not be charged for snatching his companion’s purse. [Mercury News]

• Chef Gurpareet Bains claims to have made the world’s healthiest meal, a turkey curry with blueberries that has the antioxidant value of 23 bunches of grapes. [KABC]

• Students at The Office of Mobile Design projected ideas for what the future of food trucks could look like. The bad news? Freeway traffic doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better. [Eater]

• Sign of the times: Los Feliz’s shuttered classic The Derby will become a branch of Chase. Should help you buy tacos at Yuca’s, ostensibly. [L.A. Curbed]

• Tom Colicchio is shutting down Craft and Craftbar in Atlanta in early 2011. [Eater]

• Burbank’s Buffalo Wild Wing’s is making a $5,000 donation to Make-A-Wish to help a youngster go to Canada. [Press Release]

• Have yourself a bloody little Christmas with this traditional Estonian holiday sausage. [NYT]

• As in many regions of the country, it’s freezing in Florida, and one solution for saving crops is to have helicopters hover over them to push warm air down. [NPR]

• If you can’t hack it at home, go abroad. A new report by consulting group Technomic shows that U.S. restaurant chains ought to think about crossing the border to Canada. [NRN]

• Fresh meat: Now that A&P; is bankrupt, Safeway, Food Lion, and Stop & Shop are likely to swoop in with bids. []

• Peace, love, and kale! The utopian-minded founder of Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture wants to create a local-food hub that would serve D.C.-area schools, restaurants, and consumers. [WP]

• If you think we hate McDonald’s, listen to this: A nonprofit medical group in Detroit is petitioning the mayor to place a moratorium on new fast-food restaurants. [Detroit News]

Former San Gab Mayor Evades Purse-Snatching Charges; The Derby Will Become Chase