Food Truck Fests Jumping A Giant Orange Shark Down South

Remember how excited O.C. was to get its own food truck scene a few months after L.A.? Well, the trend and its attached backlash appear to have come full-circle, with our southern neighbors reaching the same tipping point that L.A. hit at L.A. Street Food Fest among the ensuing embrace of food truck festivals by just about every mall, food brand, and marketing strategy in sight. What’s driving O.C. crazy about these meals on wheels?

Today, O.C. Weekly labels paid-admission food truck festivals as a trend they want to see go away. Apparently, the situation is pretty dire down there, with parking lot and entrance fees reaching $27 “just to be allowed to go stand on line for the trucks and pay for their food.”

Oh the memories! We’ve been there, O.C., though never quite willing to pay that steep of a price for the lackluster eats. Just wait until you guys get so sick of mobile vendors that even the free festivals start grinding everyone’s gears.

A Trend That Needs To Go: Charged-Admission Food Truck Festivals [O.C. Weekly]

Food Truck Fests Jumping A Giant Orange Shark Down South