First Look at Dough Boys, Now Open
The city gets a new stuffed pizza.

It’s hard to know what exactly to expect when you walk up to Dough Boys, a new pizza joint that opened last weekend in Little Italy. The tiny storefront rests in the basement of a townhouse, and features a slightly cheesy cartoon logo of two adult men in what look like white t-shirts. But this is no ordinary pizza opening. Those two men turn out to be Jimmy Bannos and Scott Harris, and the last time the two of them teamed up we got The Purple Pig, which has been a sensation on Michigan Avenue for well over a year. We got a look at the menu last week, and decided to stop by yesterday to see those pizzas in person.

Dough Boys currently features three different kinds of pizza. Those include a thin crust, stuffed pizza, and pizza al metro, which is three feet long and serves about ten people. We were most fascinated with the stuffed pizza, as this is one of the first pizza openings in a long time to include the Chicago specialty. For the more impatient crowd, you can also buy Sicilian-style slices to go. If that wasn’t enough, head chef Leo Spizzirri told us they were also thinking about putting out a New York-style pizza next week.

That’s a lot of pizza, but they have the oven to handle it. The massive old oven is approximately the size of a small kitchen, and features six different platforms which rotate around like a Ferris wheel. All told, the oven could potentially cook up to 60 pizzas at one time.

The shop also features a collection of sandwiches and antipasti. There are only a few tables inside, but an outdoor patio will be utilized once summer comes around. Check it all out below in our slideshow.

First Look at Dough Boys, Now Open