Fire Breaks Out at Ole Hardwood

Ole Hardwood, a relatively new barbecue restaurant in the South Loop, suffered “significant” damages this morning from a fire. [Chicago Breaking News]

• There’s a “stir the pot” joke in here somewhere: The Granny Purps marijuana dispensary in Northern California held a food drive and gave customers patients a free joint for every four cans of food they donated. [NPR]

• Who needs Google? Groupon, which passed on the big G’s $6 billion takeover bid, is attracting big-time investors like T. Rowe Price and Fidelity Investments. [Dealbook/NYT]

• People are complaining that the recipes in Jamie Oliver’s new 30 Minute Meals book can take up to an hour to actually make. Sounds like Rachael Ray’s empire is in no danger of crumbling just yet. [Daily Mail]

• Did you know it’s illegal for bars to advertise their happy hours in New Hampshire? It is! But a new bill aims to correct that bit of silliness. [Foster’s Daily Democrat]

• This was the year of mezcal, say cocktail geeks and high-end bartenders. [Serious Eats]

Fire Breaks Out at Ole Hardwood