Eva Rolls Out Unlimited Mimosas at Sunday Brunch

Photo: Eva

Mark Gold is endowing Eva with a new Sunday brunch menu featuring attentively-constructed dishes with very simple names. There’s pain de mie with organic eggs, smoked bacon, avocado, and buttered onions labeled “a sandwich” and such creations as “a piece of meat,” which is his humble way of designating prime steak with salsa verde and potatoes. But we like what comes under “Main Course” the most: Unlimited mimosas! Wheee! The full morning meal is served for $29 and was inspired by Gold’s daughter, the titular Eva, a fan of french toast–Gold’s version uses brioche and French butter (aka the one without the flame retardants). And since those kiddies act even wackier on mimosas than they do on caffeine, kids are served the French toast and a build-your-own-grilled cheese option on their very own menu. See Eva’s full Sunday brunch menu below.

7458 Beverly Blvd.
Sunday Brunch
10:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.


First Course:

fresh fruit: pear, apple, tangerine from the market

salad: organic greens, vinaigrette

granola: house made, dried fruits

Second Course:

a sandwich: pain de mie, organic eggs, smoked bacon, avocado, buttered onions

a piece of meat: prime steak, organic eggs, roast potato, salsa verde

an omlette: fine herbs, braised artichoke, crème fraiche

some bread: brioche french toast, warm maple syrup, french butter, nothing else!

for vegetarians: hand crafted tofu, roasted matsutake mushroom, smoked sesame seed, seaweed salad

fish: a piece of white fish, potato pancakes, capers, lemon (fish selection will change weekly)

main course: unlimited mimosas!

Eva Rolls Out Unlimited Mimosas at Sunday Brunch