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Eddie Huang Flies South to Orlando

Photo: Eddiehuang/Twitter

And we don’t really blame him — it’s freezing! But we have a feeling the trash-talking Baohaus owner will be happy to escape to warmer climes in the wake of closing his critically panned Xiao Ye. So: From 6 to 11 p.m. on December 26, he’ll be offering beef “Haus” baos at Cattleman’s Steakhouse (owned by Huang’s restaurateur dad) in his hometown of Orlando.

We rang up Huang to ask whether this means he’s thinking of taking his Chinese-bun concept to other cities, and he told us eventually that’s the goal, but not right now. “We’re constantly on the look for a bigger location in the area,” he did reveal, mentioning that he’d like to move the original shop to larger digs in the Lower East Side, East Village, or Tribeca. “I’m really looking for the right partner to expand Baohaus, because I can’t really do it all myself right now.” Maybe while he’s home he’ll get some helpful advice from mom.

Baohaus in Orlando this December 26th! [Tasty Chomps]

Eddie Huang Flies South to Orlando