Cuozzo: Williamsburg Is a ‘Vexation’

Fatty 'Cue: Only good because it's in Williamsburg?
Fatty ‘Cue: Only good because it’s in Williamsburg? Photo: Melissa Hom

Today, the Post’s Steve Cuozzo trots out his year-end list of restaurant-related complaints. (By the way, can we call for a ban on this kind of tired, things-we’re-sick-of trope?). Among old standby gripes like stemless wine glasses and up-selling waiters, he’s also decided he’s sick and tired of all this Williamsburg bullshit.

“Its restaurants wouldn’t receive one-sixteenth the attention they get if so many food writers and bloggers didn’t live there or nearby,” he writes. “There are better places to eat in Red Hook, Downtown Brooklyn and in unfashionable Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge.” Wait, back up. Downtown Brooklyn? We live there and even we are hard-pressed to think of anywhere to eat that’s as good as places like Dressler or Peter Luger. Maybe he’s talking about the forthcoming Shake Shack?

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Cuozzo: Williamsburg Is a ‘Vexation’