Chef and Owner Talk About Mado; Dannon Settles with Federal Government

• Though Chicago Magazine already took a look at both sides of the story, enough questions remained that Chicagoist interviewed the former chef and the owner of Mado to further examine what went wrong. [Chicagoist]

• Dannon reached a $21 million settlement with the Federal government over “exaggerated” claims for certain yogurt products; among other things, the company must now stop saying Activia makes people poop. [USAT]

• Here’s a video of what one chef claims is the world’s healthiest meal: turkey curry made with blueberries, cinnamon, and goji berry pilaf. Yum? [ABC Local]

• The free food in the Google cafeteria is so good, two former chefs from the company have launched a catering business that’s all the rage among Bay Area tech start-ups. [WSJ]

• One out of six Americans gets food poisoning each year. That’s a lot, but it’s lower than what the CDC had previously claimed. [USAT]

• Our least favorite fast-food giant can’t catch a break: first McDonald’s had its computers hacked last week, now it’s getting sued by a group that claims Happy Meals encourage unhealthy food choices. But hey, on a brighter note, the company is expanding in China. [LAT, NRN]

• Drinking alcohol with a rich meal has been shown to slow digestion. That means you won’t be hungry for high-calorie desserts; bottoms up! [Discovery News]

• Starbucks executive Paula Boggs was appointed to the White House Council for Community Solutions. This should solve the pressing issue of latte-deprivation-fueled crime in Washington. [NRN]

Chef and Owner Talk About Mado; Dannon Settles with Federal Government