Calorie Commando Being Sentenced Today; Marine Tries to End Dog-Eating

• Food Network’s former Calorie Commando star Juan Carlos Cruz will be sentenced today for attempting to solicit the murder of his wife. [KABC]

• A U.S. Marine is trying to stop people from eating dog meat in Vietnam. [L.A. Times]

• Two freshman players for UCLA’s basketball team got food poisoning from an unnamed restaurant in Westwood. [L.A. Times]

• Today President Obama is expected to sign that $4.5 billion child-nutrition bill, which would make school lunches healthier, limit junk food in vending machines, and expand free-meal coverage for needy students. Kids, better enjoy those Doritos while you’ve got ‘em! [AP via NYT]

• Food trucks are finally rolling through Chicago, but face very strict rules while operating. [Wall Street Journal]

• 150-year-old supermarket chain A&P; filed for bankruptcy yesterday, which could cede control of the operation to Ron Burkle. [N.Y. Post]

• A company in Portland, Oregon, has plans to build the country’s first food-waste-processing plant, which would transform uneaten grub into methane gas and then electricity. Stop cheering, picky eaters, you’ll still have to clean your plates: this is only for commercial leftovers. [Oregon Live]

• Don’t eat that: A 2,400-year-old bronze pot containing probable soup remnants has been found in China’s Shaanxi province. [Global Times China]

• As a test run, Cost Plus has added food products to three Bed Bath & Beyond stores, further putting the “beyond” in that chain’s name. [Bloomberg]

• The South is contending with a drought that began this past spring, and it’s affecting crops like peanuts, cotton, and Vidalia onions. Naturally, that darn El Niño is suspected to be part of the cause. [WP]

• As if you needed another reason not to eat at McDonald’s, the company’s customer database was hacked and e-mails and phone numbers were stolen. [Fast Food Maven/OC Register]

Calorie Commando Being Sentenced Today; Marine Tries to End Dog-Eating