California Burrito Grill Coming to KTown, Open Next Week

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

California Burrito Grill is setting up shop on Third Street, with GM James Kim teling Grub Street, “We’ll definitely be open by the end of the month.” The specialty here is giant burritos that Kim promises will straddle the line between “Americanized” Chipotle and more authentic Mexican restaurants. That means they’ll offer tamales, plus tacos and burritos with asada and carnitas, but also have nachos and burritos in bowls for whoever orders those monstrosities. Speaking of scary creatures, a Facebook fan comments that they “seem to be aiming for a Mission-style burrito,” comparing them to those San Francisco giants that most of us are all too happy to let stay up there. Fortunately, Kim and owner (and possessor of a cool name) Jason Sin are L.A. boys and cite El Taurino as an influence, at least on the hours which will go to 11:00 P.M. at first, then after a few weeks possibly until 3:00 A.M.

Kim also says they’ll include weekly specials that could feature goat meat and Korean barbecue and that everything will be made in front of the customer. You can see a sampling of the dishes on California Burrito Grill’s Facebook page and start comparing it to what you get west of here at Plancha.

California Burrito Grill, 4509 W. 3rd St. Koreatown.

California Burrito Grill Coming to KTown, Open Next Week