Breaking: You Can’t Eat Road Salt

Photo: Library of Congress

This week Slate’s Explainer column features a “bonus” explainer letting us know that road salt is not edible: “Road salt and table salt come from the same mines … [but] the latter undergoes a more extensive process to remove unwanted minerals.” The typical road-salt snack includes an “anti-caking agent” that has a name we think would also be a good artisanal cocktail, Yellow Prussiate of Soda.

Since this is at the tail end of a “does your tiny adorable dog need a tiny adorable sweater?” column, we’re going to cut Slate a break on this “Dog Bites Man” story. But for those who are pining to take a bite out of the storm, don’t forget about maple sno-cones, which we tried last winter, acid rain be damned, after a gander at Robert Sietsema’s rendition.

Do Dogs Need Sweaters? Plus: Is road salt edible? [Slate]

Breaking: You Can’t Eat Road Salt