Hangover Helpers Lurk Among Boston’s Cheapest Eats

Combing through local critic MC Slim JB’s year-end round-up of the city’s best cheap eats, we were gratified to see several items on the list that will soak up the ocean of spiked eggnog soon to swell our stomach. Our post-revelry favorites after the jump.

• Soups at Taqueria Jalisco in Eastie, available on the weekends. We’re enticed by the idea of “beguiling bírria, a complex stew of chilies and beef.” Says Slim, “It’s a bargain-priced spa treatment in a bowl.” We take that to mean it can eliminate our dip-induced spare tire.

• Harvard Square’s Falafel Corner. “Gorgeous” lamb shwarma, “crisp at the edges and tender inside” sounds like just the thing to rid ourselves of that pesky fruitcake aftertaste.

• French toast at Dot2Dot Café in Dorchester. Brunch happens daily and features “super-eggy” house-made brioche. ‘Nuff said.

The Year in Cheap Eats [Phoenix]

Hangover Helpers Lurk Among Boston’s Cheapest Eats