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Boston Reality Cooking Shows A-Go-Go

Tiffani Faison
Tiffani Faison Photo: Werner Images

It’s a big week for culinary TV here in Boston. Tonight, Top Chef All-Stars kicks off, featuring Rocca’s very own Tiffani Faison, runner-up on Top Chef’s first season. To celebrate, she’s hosting a south of the border fiesta. Despite a cold, she paused to talk to us about the evening ahead.

Tonight’s theme is Mexico: “My crew and I were really craving tacos,” she tells us. Expect carnitas, chicken, fish and skirt steak tacos, salsas, guacamole, and Faison’s libation of choice, Bud Light Lime. The excitement begins at 9 p.m. As for Faison, she found the whole Top Chef All-Stars experience considerably less intense than her previous small-screen stint. “I was a scrappy line cook with a lot to prove. It was so intense and so weird; we had no idea what was coming. I was always sort of never letting my guard down,” she admits. “This time, I wanted to go in and really enjoy it.” Similar soirees will happen at the South End restaurant every Wednesday evening; Indian street food and Creole specialties are planned for upcoming weeks. Faison also tell us that she loves the small-town/big-city feel of Boston but considers winter here “$#%^&ing; cold!” Hopefully some Baja specialties will warm her spirits.

In other news, the Herald reports that the Kitchen Nightmares crew will descend upon the North End this weekend to whip Davide restaurant into shape.

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Boston Reality Cooking Shows A-Go-Go