Bloody Christmas Sausage; Helicopters Warm Florida Crops

• Have yourself a bloody little Christmas with this traditional Estonian holiday sausage. [NYT]

• As in many regions of the country (ahem, NYC!), it’s freezing in Florida, and one solution for saving crops is to have helicopters hover over them to push warm air down. [NPR]

• If you can’t hack it at home, go abroad. A new report by consulting group Technomic shows that U.S. restaurant chains ought to think about crossing the border to Canada. [NRN]

• Fresh meat: Now that A&P; is bankrupt, Safeway, Food Lion, and Stop & Shop are likely to swoop in with bids. []

• Peace, love, and kale! The utopian-minded founder of Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture wants to create a local-food hub that would serve D.C.-area schools, restaurants, and consumers. [WP]

• If you think we hate McDonald’s, listen to this: A nonprofit medical group in Detroit is petitioning the mayor to place a moratorium on new fast-food restaurants. [Detroit News]

Bloody Christmas Sausage; Helicopters Warm Florida Crops