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Blackbird’s Pizzeria’s Fake Cheese Is “Ideal For Vegan Pizza-Making”; El Sitio’s Ceviche ‘Hits All the Right Notes’

• Craig LaBan looks back fondly on 2010, with the usual suspects — Adsum, Amis, Barbuzzo, Garces Trading Company — topping his list of of the city’s best places to eat. [Inquirer]

• Felicia D’Ambrosio checks out Blackbird Pizzeria’s all vegan pizzas and concludes the “Daiya’s tapioca/arrow root/vegetable oil combo actually melts, making it ideal for vegan pizza-making,” but omnivores “would never willingly choose it over real mozzarella.” [Citypaper]

• Of Collingswood’s El Sitio’s “chopped shrimp” ceviche, Adam Erace writes, “it hit all the right notes: sweet, sour, spicy,” and the imported ojo de bife had a “richness, definitely, but it wasn’t overbearing … because the steak was cut thinner than a typical rib eye.” [Courier-Post]

Blackbird’s Pizzeria’s Fake Cheese Is “Ideal For Vegan