Biggest Loser Salad Dressing Draws Mislabeling Lawsuit; Claim Jumper Laying Off 400 S. Californians

• Galeos, the company that makes the miso caesar salad dressing that became popular on the show The Biggest Loser, is being sued for mislabeling the product as being healthier than it actually is. [L.A. Times]

• The nation’s largest franchisee of Jack in the Box started out as a janitor there 26 years ago. [Chron]

• The chairman of Stater Brothers is pissed about the plastic bag ban, feeling that it singles out grocery stores. [NACS Online]

• 400 SoCal Claim Jumper employees are getting pink slips, which is still much better than getting a condom in your French onion soup. [KTLA]

• W’s China Bistro in Redondo Beach was robbed on Thanksgiving morning. [Redondo Beach Patch]

• With the popularity of heavy Kold-Draft ice cubes and specialized shaking techniques, bar-tending can take a serious physical toll. So tip accordingly, cheapskates! [NYT]

• A fast-food chain in France will introduce a foie-gras burger. No word on any side of fried frogs’ legs with ketchup. [BBC]

• Here’s a probing investigative piece about white-chocolate mochas and other seasonal drinks. [NYP]

• Picky eating may be a medical disorder. Yeah, and we’re “allergic” to onions. [ABC News]

• One more reason for your vegan friends to look smug: Prices on meat, milk, eggs, cheese, and sugar are up and will stay that way through the holiday season. [USAT]

Biggest Loser Salad Dressing Draws Mislabeling Lawsuit; Claim Jumper