Barrel-Aging Cocktails: A Little Harder Than It Looks

Photo: David Reamer/via Jeff Morgenthaler

We’ve been talking about them for ages, but today the Times puts together a little thing on barrel-aged cocktails. (Summary: The same bars that have been doing this for a while are still doing this.) But here’s something interesting! Robert Simonson got a barrel and decided to try it at home:

I didn’t know that the barrel, which arrives bone dry, needs a little moisturizing. I panicked when, while funneling in the Negronis, the liquor began to leak like blood (very expensive blood) all over my kitchen counter.

Turns out you’ve gotta soak the barrel in the bathtub first! And that seven weeks is the correct amount of time to age the drinks. The more you know!

Anyway, we’re just waiting for someone to start selling barrel-aged punch (straight from the barrel?) and then we can look forward to a story about somebody trying that at home, too. Actually, how much are the barrels? $76? We might just do it ourselves.

Six-Week-Old Martinis, Anyone? [NYT]

Barrel-Aging Cocktails: A Little Harder Than It Looks