Atlantic Wharf to Offer Waterfront Dining at Last; Mexican Food Is So Hot Right Now

• Fort Point Channel’s glitzy new Atlantic Wharf building will house five sit-down or takeaway restaurants soon; developer Michael Cantalupa wonders where else in the city people can dine on the water. Not an unfair question. [Herald]

• A report by Chicago-based research company Technomic found that fish tacos are having a moment and Mexican food is more popular in general. So if your ass just can’t shake that nacho weight, there’s why. [NRN]

• As if having to work in a Boston Market weren’t bad enough, a drive-through customer at a Roseville, California, location of the chain threw “hot, sticky” food at his server, causing burns. [Rocklin & Roseville Today]

• A precocious, whistle-blowing youngster in China investigated some mushrooms and found them rife with a harmful bleaching chemical. Way to go, and now for the real question: Is Julia Roberts available to play his mother in the movie version of this? [Sydney Morning Herald]

• Some altruistic hunters in Central Pennsylvania will donate around 10,000 pounds of venison to local food banks. So, how many deer is that? [Reuters]

• If you insist on feeding your pet raw meat, (weirdo) here are some safe-handling tips. [Oregon Live]

• The U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has released a new set of guidelines to aid doctors in diagnosis and treatment. Guess you’re going to have to stop claiming you’re allergic to butter, calorie-phobes! [Business Week]

• Better stock up: Starbucks and Kraft are embroiled in a kerfluffle over the distribution of the former’s coffee in grocery stores and other retail outlets. [USAT]

Atlantic Wharf to Offer Waterfront Dining at Last; Mexican Food Is So Hot Right