Are Jacob Wirth’s Employees Worthless? Sure ‘Nuff, Says Owner

Photo: grilled cheese/flickr

Hey, who needs team-building exercises and company retreats when you can try to motivate your employees by going absolutely insane? After reading online reports of lousy service at his age-old German eatery, Jacob Wirth owner Kevin Fitzgerald decided to take matters into his own hands in a decidedly non-H.R.-friendly sort of way.

According to the Herald, Fitzgerald fired off a memo to his employees: “You are the LOSERS!!! Change or be changed. Please, don’t force your termination for the holidays.”

Unfortunately, his “management” strategy backfired when one scolded server went public with his memo, sending it to the newspaper. Upon hearing news of his meltdown, many potential customers took to cyberspace to slam Fitzgerald.

Here’s one particularly juicy “review,” courtesy Yelp:

“I’d like to see this spineless mouth breather work for minimum wage at some food joint in Boston so he can see how it feels to be at the mercy of some cold-hearted bastard like himself. One star for this place. Not because of the service, because of the guy who makes their lives hell.”

Hey, if things get worse, maybe he can seek new employment at the Upper Crust.

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Are Jacob Wirth’s Employees Worthless? Sure ‘Nuff, Says Owner