Get Clean!

Another Cleanse!

Put down the lemon juice!
Put down the lemon juice! Photo: Double X

Now that the British trust Sense About Science has gone and debunked all those celebrity cleanses — apparently subsisting on lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper alone actually isn’t all that good for you — what can people do if they’re looking to rid their bodies of toxins or whatever? Bon Appétit has the answer! A Food Lover’s Cleanse!

It’s a two-week program to help you shed holiday pounds! Well, okay. It’s really just a bunch of healthy-seeming recipes, and while we’d like to point out that it’s a diet, not a cleanse, we actually can’t argue with a lot of the recipes here. Things like warm cinnamon quinoa and avocado tartines sound pretty good to us! We might even try some of them! Right after we work off our New Year’s hangovers with a deep-fried peanut-butter sandwich.

The Food-Lover’s Cleanse [Bon Appétit]

Another Cleanse!