Andy Husbands Wants Your Body (Art) for His Restaurant

Tremont 647: Tat Heaven
Tremont 647: Tat Heaven Photo: CBH

Today marks Tremont 647’s 14th anniversary. And, to honor the milestone, Chef Andy Husbands has decided he wants to change things up a little bit inside his restaurant. How, you ask? Why, with your tattoos, of course.

As part of a redesign that will debut in January, he’s looking to festoon his walls with a collage of food-inspired body art. Are you inked with a goat? A cupcake? Perhaps an ear of corn or a lovable lobster? Email a photo of your tattoo to He’ll pick though the candidates and decide on his favorite hundred or so.

Then, on January 3, the winners will congregate at his South End restaurant to be snapped by a professional photographer. And as a special bonus, they’ll depart with a restaurant gift certificate. Husbands himself is a big tattoo fan; he estimates that he has “more than five, but less than 20.”

“Really, I’m just having a little fun,” he assures us. Philippe Starck, are you reading this?

Andy Husbands Wants Your Body (Art) for His Restaurant