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And Now We Know the Other Half of the Swift Half Story

Swift Half Pub
Swift Half Pub Photo: Courtesy UWISHUNU

Yesterday Grub Street wrote that the Swift Half Pub at the Piazza is closing its doors for good after tonight’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Today we’ve learned that the new proprietors won’t be wasting any time readying the space for its next incarnation, Gunner’s Run, a casual restaurant and bar with a gritty rock and roll vibe. They plan to start work on the space next week and have it ready to open by February. “We’ve been looking for a place for a long time and then we found out that the people from Good Dog wanted out,” Gunner’s Run chef and partner Shawn Sollberger, formerly of Center City’s Capitol Grille, told Grub Street. “It was a really good timing thing for us.”

Partner Bryan Dilworth, who’s Bonfire Booking books talent for the Piazza, Electric Factory as well as other venues, helped establish Bella Vista’s Royal Tavern back in 2002. He later divested himself in order to buy into New York’s Beauty Bars and their franchises. He also played bass in the Lilys, managed Rocket From the Crypt and was once a server at South Street’s Copabanana way back when the Piazza was still a boarded up brewery. The two other proprietors are Jason Goldberg, who owns Old City Tattoo and Tim Burrow, who books music venues in New York.

Changes to the space will be minimal. Sollberger said they plan on adding another, smaller bar on the Second Street side of the building. Goldberg, who Sollberger said is the most artistically inclined of the four partners, will take the lead in creating the look and feel of Gunner’s Run’s interior.

According to PlanPhilly, the Gunner’s Run name refers to a creek that was transformed into the Aramingo Canal in 1847 and was later filled in to become Aramingo Avenue.

Sollberger, who already has his kitchen staff lined up, expects to serve “the kind of food we like to eat.” Meaning: Burgers, sandwiches, bar snacks and comforty dishes.

Transferring the liquor license, which takes at least 45 days, is the only foreseeable obstacle. Once its officially changed hands, the Gunner’s Run partners expect to open.

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And Now We Know the Other Half of the Swift Half Story