A Look Into Night Market, Open Tonight in West Hollywood for Thai Street Food

Sunset’s Talesai will open its new ode to Thai street food, Night Market, tonight at 6:00 P.M. Here we have a sparse space with communal wooden tables (giving us an A-Frame vibe once we saw the checkered, picnic-style napkins) and an arrangement of photos of girls on the wall, some in various states of undress and one looking like it might not be quite legal. Night Market plans to have a loose, celebratory feel of an actual Asian street market, and entertains the possibility of hosting parties and guest chef pop-ups. The mammoth flavors in dishes like fried chicken wings with house made nam prik noom salsa, crispy catfish with green mango salad, chiang mai sausages, pork collar, and a flaming tom yum seafood hot pot will be paired with a carefully curated list of craft beers and wines. Check out the space in our slide show and see a preliminary menu below.

Night + Market, 9043 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood. 310-275-9724.

Current Hours: Thursday-Sunday, 6:00 P.M.-midnight (the restaurant eventually wants to go until 2:00 A.M. Tuesday-Sunday)


Yum Nuah
skirt steak salad

Yum Pla Dook Fa
crispy catfish with organic green mango salad

Flank Steak Jerky

Chiang Mai Sausage Plate

Pork Toro
grilled pig collar with jaew (an issan condiment made with lime juice, fish sauce, red chile, cilantro, and sugar)

Flaming Hot Pot Seafood Tom Yum

Fried Chicken Wings
Chieng Rai recipe with nam prik noom (housemade salsa)

A Look Into Night Market, Open Tonight in West Hollywood for Thai Street Food