A Food Lover’s Cleanse; A Dinner About Forgiveness

• “Forget juice fasts and calorie counting,” says Bon App. They’ve got a “food-lover’s cleanse” for you instead. [BA, Earlier]

• To counter that: summing up 2010 in 100 cocktails. [Liquorious]

• The Chron’s Inside Scoop column rounds up the year’s highlights and lowlights, and reminds us of all the upcoming openings on the docket in early 2011. [Chron]

Cotogna will start Saturday daytime service after the new year. [Scoop]

• 18 Reasons is hosting a vegetarian dinner at which guests will be coached in the art of forgiveness. [SFoodie]

• And also in re: 2010: this was the year of mezcal, say cocktail geeks and high-end bartenders. [Serious Eats]

• There’s a “stir the pot” joke in here somewhere: The Granny Purps marijuana dispensary in Northern California held a food drive and gave customers patients a free joint for every four cans of food they donated. [NPR]

• Who needs Google? Groupon, which passed on the big G’s $6 billion takeover bid, is attracting big-time investors like T. Rowe Price and Fidelity Investments. [Dealbook/NYT]

• Debi Mazar is getting her own cooking show. [Grub Street NY]

A Food Lover’s Cleanse; A Dinner About Forgiveness