PA’s First Congressional District Is Home to One of the Country’s Hungriest and Most Impoverished Neighborhoods; Cold Temperatures in Florida Hamper Booze Sales

• Even though it encompasses tonier neighborhoods like Society Hill, PA’s First Congressional District is one of the country’s most impoverished and hunger stricken regions. [Inquirer]

• By staying open through the entire year, the owner of Maple Shade’s Custard Stand corners the wintertime market on soft-serve ice cream. [Inquirer]

• Get ready to feel bad about that steak you’re buying: Nutrition labels, just like the ones on peanut butter and cereal, will soon be on meat, too. [USAT]

• Zachery Ty Bryan — as in, the kid from Home Improvement that wasn’t Jonathan Taylor Thomas — is suing his partners in the Hollywood sports bar they owned together. The name of the bar? Big Wangs. [TMZ]

• It’s way cold down in Florida, and that means people are buying less booze there. Bad news for liquor stores and the state’s tax revenue! [Florida Today]

• The widow of Benihana founder Rocky Aoki is suing the restaurant chain in hopes of stopping its overseas expansion. She says the chain’s current owners don’t have the appropriate rights to the Benihana name. [Crain’s]

• The married owners of a Salt Lake City restaurant were found dead after legal woes drove them to an apparent Christmas Day murder-suicide. [SL Tribune]

PA’s First Congressional District Is Home to One of the Country’s