943 Soft-Opened Saturday

943 Photo: Collin Keefe

Pat Cancelliere, chef and owner of the long-in-the-works Italian-Argentine BYOB 943 in the Italian Market, hosted a small group of friends and family Saturday night, whom he served a limited menu and ramped up his restaurant into soft-launch mode. Grub Street first mentioned 943 in its Fall Preview 2009. Back in August there were rumblings that it would open this past Fall, but to no avail. Cancelliere said he will probably do a couple more dry runs between now and the end of the year, before starting regular service in January. Highlights from Saturday’s menu include gambas nueve de Julio, sautéed shrimp, garlic, saffron, onion and parsley, papas fritas with parsley, garlic and fried egg, house-made ravioli, and grilled skirt steak with chimichurri and duck fat fingerlings.

With the restaurant’s formal opening in January, Cancelliere will roll out a much bigger menu that will feature housemade charcuterie, grilled octopus and a $50 mixed grill for two, that includes steaks, sausages, short ribs, sweetbreads and more.

943, 943 South 9th Street, no phone yet.

943 Soft-Opened Saturday