7-Eleven Courts Vegans; Christmas This Year: Awkward!

• Eight NYC 7-Elevens now offer vegan noodles and dumplings. Because that’s totally where your militant vegan friends shop. [NYDN]

• The timing of Christmas this year isn’t just awkward for your holiday-travel plans, it’s fouling up restaurants, too, since many feel obligated to stay open for the Saturday holiday. [NRN]

• Agriculture for urbanites isn’t just a thing in this country; some city-dwelling Japanese are taking up the practice at local farms. [LAT]

• Fewer fliers owing to the recession means airport food-vendor earnings are down. Duh? [USAT]

• India is getting three new food-focused TV channels. For everyone in that country’s sake, we hope it’s a while before they’re subjected to as many home-shopping channels as we have. [HR]

• Burglars broke into a food bank in Baltimore and stole computer equipment, but no food. Still, you would think even criminals have more heart than that. [Baltimore Sun]

• Thanks to high salt and fat content, it turns out fine dining — like pretty much everything fun — can be really bad for you. [Age]

7-Eleven Courts Vegans; Christmas This Year: Awkward!