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Yigit Pura Wins Top Chef: Just Desserts, and ‘It F**king Feels Awesome’

Our man Yigit Pura, of Taste Catering in S.F., took home the win last night on the finale of Top Chef: Just Desserts, and proclaimed, eloquently, “It fucking feels awesome.” In the final judge’s table, head judge Johnny Iuzzini told Yigit that, while he sometimes showed a lack of restraint, he’d managed to find his “balance.” In the end, heterosexual nemesis Morgan had some last-minute trouble with his soufflé, and nobody thought Danielle was going to win anyway. Below, you can watch the whole drama play out, courtesy of Hulu. Or if you’d prefer, we’ve got some recap links, too.

For those in S.F., you can taste some of Yigit’s pastry masterwork this week: Yigit will be baking pies for Gilt City’s Give Pie drive, with proceeds going to benefit families in need.

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Yigit Pura Wins Top Chef: Just Desserts, and ‘It F**king Feels