Where to Get a Lobster Roll for Half The Price, From A Truck

Photo: The Lobsta Truck

Tired of paying $22 for a lobster roll at BP Oysterette that disappears in eight bites? Feast introduces us to The Lobsta Truck, which must be spelled that way to spur memories of the New England accent, not just to sound all gangster like that Ice Connection Truck or The Shrimp Pimps. This new crustacean-slinging vehicle comes from Justin Mi, a veteran of the Maine fishing industry who likens lobster huts to taco stands and through the transitive property, decided that the world of taco trucks needs one with lobsters aboard truck. We’re game, especially upon hearing that his lobster is shipped in two to three times a week and that it’s priced at only eleven dollars, half of what BP Oysterette charges. What else?

The lobster man also has crab rolls and chowder, with vows to keep things simple and authentic. Track dude on Twitter, then catch him for the first time in Old Town Pasadena this Friday evening or an official debut at that giant food truck gil-net, First Fridays on Abbot Kinney, on December 3rd.

Justin Mi Lauches Roving Lobster Pound [Feast]

Where to Get a Lobster Roll for Half The Price, From A Truck