What to Eat at Bangers & Lace, Now Open in Wicker Park

Sausage and beer come to Wicker Park
Sausage and beer come to Wicker Park Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

The city’s latest beer and sausage joint, Bangers & Lace, just opened in Wicker Park. Though those rumored Hot Doug connections turned out to be false, Bangers & Lace looks like it is doing fairly well on sausage front, as nearly every single dish features some kind of encased meat. We counted eleven different sausages at the moment, which includes a standard Vienna beef hot dog, Sheboygan veal brats, and, of course, Spencer’s Irish Bangers. We checked out the space yesterday, and were able to take a look at the finished menu, which is below.

The restaurant is the brainchild of of Jason Freiman and Nick Podesta of Duchamp and Matt Eisler and Kevin Heisner of Bar DeVille. So the beer side of things is just as important as the meat. The draft list includes 20 different beers, including a few hand-pumped engines, much like Owen & Engine.

Bangers & Lace, 1670 W. Division, Chicago, IL 60622; 773-252-6499

Ham Roasted Peanuts $4
Roasted peanuts, Benton’s country ham

House Fries $4
Hand cut French fries, Taleggio dip

Crispy Corn Nuts $4
Crispy fried hominy, smoked salt, chiles

Pretzel $4
Bavarian style pretzel, house-made Chocolate stout mustard

Romaine $6
Romaine hearts, smoked apples, scarlet radish, aged white cheddar, smoked pecans, dill, smoked buttermilk dressing

Kielbasa Skewers $7
Smoked Cleveland kielbasa, Benton’s country bacon, malt vinegar dip

Lamb Flat Bread $9
Crawford Farm’s Lamb merguez, green harissa, Valbreso French feta, crispy chick peas, red onion, capers, olive oil flatbread

Hot Links $8
Louisiana style hotlinks, puff pastry, shark hot sauce, sour cream

Banger Breakfast Sliders $8
Spencer’s Irish Bangers, creamed spinach, gruyere, classic egg, hollandaise, mini English muffins

Sheboygan $8
Sheboygan Veal Brat, melted gouda, sauerkraut, black currants, house-made beer mustard, split flat bun

Venison $9
Smoked venison sausage, whiskey apple jam, beets, bacon, smoked pecans, pickled onions, jalapenos, sour cream, hallah roll

Chicken $8
Smoked chicken sausage, melted pimenton, crushed chips, sweet relish, deviled eggs, green onions, brioche roll

Truffle Grilled Cheese $7
Black Truffle, Taleggio, raclette, Irish white cheddar

Foie Gras Corn Dog $13
French Garlic Sausage, brioche corn bread, orange marmalade, foie gras mouse, maple butter

Hot Dog $3
Vienna beef dog, yellow mustard

Chicago Style $4
Vienna beef hotdog, onion, relish, pickle, sport pepper, tomato, mustard, and celery salt on a poppy bun

Corn Dog $3
Foie Gras, duck sausage, brioche corn bread, bitter orange marmalade, maple butter

Vegetarian Add $1
Substitute a vegetarian dog on any of the above items

Seasonal Pie $5

Black Dog Gelato $5
Sesame Fig gelato, Rogue Mocha porter syrup

Root Beer Float $5
Sprecker Root Beer, Malted Vanilla gelato

Chocolate Stout Float $9
Brooklyn Brewery Chocolate Stout, Malted Vanilla Gelato
What to Eat at Bangers & Lace, Now Open in Wicker Park