What to Eat (and Drink) for Lunch at Fatty ’Cue

Photo: Melissa Hom

Used to be Peter Luger was the only real reason to hop on the L train for lunch, but now you can add Fatty ’Cue to that short list. We’re told that starting this week, the barbecue spot will be open from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m., with a $19 lunch deal. As long as you’ve crossed the bridge, you might as well make an event out of it — two “lunch cocktails” are $10! Here’s your first look at the menu.

Lunch Special……….$19
Choose one from column A & one from column B

Curried Black Eyed Peas
Pork Loin
Smoked Catfish Nam Prik

‘Cue Coriander Bacon
Bowl of Noodles
Lamb Ribs

Lunch Cocktails……….$8
**Choose two cocktails with any dish | 10 (per person) **

Malay Michelada| Malay sangrita, lime, beer, chili-salt rim

Watermelon Mimosa| watermelon juice, Champagne

‘Cue Bloody Mary| smoked tomato juice, fresh horseradish, Chinese celery

***All of our greens provided by Brooklyn Grange***

Smoky Bone Broth | smoked bone broth with galangal, Chinese celery | 4
Dragon Pullman Toast | side of master fat | 4
Cucumbers | smoked chili, brown rice vinegar, toasted sesame seeds | 6
Celery Salad | yuzu, Tianjin, sesame oil | 6
Nasi Ulam | rice salad, turmeric spice blend, ikan bilis, ginger, herbs | 7
Pork Loin | smoked on the bone and sliced thin, green peppercorn and mackerel aioli, herb salad | 12
Heritage Pork Ribs | smoked fish-palm syrup, Indonesian long pepper | 14
‘Cue Coriander Bacon | steamed yellow curry custard,
toast | 14
Smoked Catfish Nam Prik | celery, carrot, bok choy, chicharrones | 13
Bowl of Noodles | meat juices, scallion, chili | 11
Lamb ribs| cincalok and white wine brine,
garlic-lemon emulsion | 12
Curried Black-Eyed Peas| yellow curry, burnt ends, cilantro| 9 vegetarian beans available

‘Cue Grilled Cheese | pickled long red chili, house smoked gruyere and mozzarella, salad | 8
Smoked Brisket Sandwich |chili jam, aioli, pickled red onion, house smoked cheddar cheese | 12
Bobo Chicken | red onion, chili and cucumber
condiment | 17
Fazio Farm Red Curry Duck | sweet pickled daikon, smoked red curry, rice | 23
Manila Clams | ‘Cue bacon, bone broth, curry leaves, chili | 19
Hand Pulled Lamb Shoulder | goat yogurt with garlic and Vietnamese mint, house pita | 19
Steamed Bao | 4
Rice | 3

First Prize Pies | daily selection with a shot of local cream | 6
Fatty Bar “Milk” | ginger, puffed rice, crisped rice | 6
Fatty Bar “Dark” | roasted almonds, chili, Maldon sea salt | 6
Pies made by Allison Kave / Chocolates made in Brooklyn by Tumbador
What to Eat (and Drink) for Lunch at Fatty ’Cue