We Have a Winner for Two Tickets to Great Chefs of L.A.!

With two free tickets to this Sunday’s Great Chefs of L.A. event at stake, we asked our readers who they thought was the greatest chef and why. After our last contest was taken by a rhyming poem about eating brains, more than a few readers bombarded us with lyrics, while one nominated Joel Robuchon for having unicorn-like properties, someone cited Walter Manzke for creating an “orgy in my mouth,” and another even basely called Nickel Diner’s Monica May the “best thing to happen to Downtown since crack.” But one submission unanimously swept the day with our editors. Who wins the two free tickets?

One Rachel Hersch took the competition, stoking a few childhood memories when recalling a toque of great skill and legend whose English is sometimes easier to understand than Joel Robuchon’s.

Here’s Rachel’s entry:

“I believe the Swedish Chef from The Muppets is the all-time greatest chef! No one uses such creativity in the kitchen as he, such as shooting holes into an English muffin with a gun to make donuts…genius! I think his leg up on the competition is that, despite fabric and stuffing for a head, he has actual human hands, a chef’s most important asset. What other chef has his face on a U.S. Postal Service stamp? I rest my case!”

Congratulations Rachel, you’ve won two tickets to join actual human chefs (and Stefan Richter) at this Sunday’s Great Chefs of L.A. event. We’ll be in touch shortly. Thank you to all of our readers for participating and better luck next time! Remember, you can still get 30% off your ticket purchase with our discount code.

We Have a Winner for Two Tickets to Great Chefs of L.A.!