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NECN’s Burrito Battle Rages On

An Anna's burrito
An Anna’s burrito Photo: Anna’s Taqueria

The prowl for the area’s best burrito is a never-ending (not to mention caloric) quest. Do you prefer a toddler-sized missile, a la Boca Grande? A compact, condiment-packed wrap at Anna’s? Or what about a down-home, juicy, dribbly platter at Tacos Lupita? NECN wants you to vote for your favorite. But a few choices seem to be missing from the ballot.

The top five contenders are Anna’s Taqueria, Boca Grande Taqueria, Bueno Y Sano, Tacos Lupita, and Viva Burrito, tasty places all. Anna’s, of course, was recently named one of Boston’s 10 most influential restaurants by the Globe. Western Massachusetts’s Bueno Y Sano, meanwhile, has been feeding hordes of college students teetering on the brink of veganism for years now. (If you crave a grilled seitan burrito, look no further.)

Absent from the ballot: Boloco, Cantina La Mexicana, Chipotle, and El Pelon, to name a few. Write-ins, anyone?


NECN’s Burrito Battle Rages On