Trummer Denies Second Firebug Arrest, Says Partner Attacked Him

The Post reports that Albert Trummer has been arrested a second time for once again lighting Apotheke’s bar on fire, this time smashing two bottles of Sambuca on it and igniting it with a candle on October 17 (he is said to have turned himself in on November 10). A rep (meaning a publicist) for Trummer tells us, however, that there was no candle, and no arrest, and in fact it was partner Heather Tierney and her brother who were arrested back in September — for attacking Trummer.

The truth about this story is that there was no candle involved and Mr. Trummer did not light anything on fire. Heather Tierney, another partner in Apotheke, has set up Albert Trummer twice and is trying to squeeze him out of Apotheke, being that he owns the copyright to the concept, which was completely his idea. She called the authorities herself on October 17th, as well she made the call to the NYFD in June. The truth of this story is that authorities showed up on October 17th at Apotheke, spoke to Mr. Trummer, and did not make any charges. Several days later, Ms. Tierney filed a law suit without merit, and Mr. Trummer turned himself in and has been cooperating completely with the Fire Department, NYPD, and all authorities in this matter.

Trummer’s rep adds that Tierney’s brother Christopher was arrested for third-degree assault, for pushing Trummer down the stairs at Apotheke on September 18. Trummer’s complaint, which you can read below, accuses Tierney of cornering Trummer in the basement and refusing to let him leave before they settled their differences (presumably having to do with the ownership squabbles Trummer told us about back in October); when Trummer made a break for the stairs, Tierney “tackled him from behind, causing him to be smashed violently into the stairs, causing damage to his legs, knees, ankles and feet.” Says Trummer’s rep: “Heather Tierney and her brother Christopher Tierney are malicious people who have been verbally and physically attacking Mr. Trummer, in an attempt to get him to agree to sign his Apotheke trademark to the company.”

Well, now. This has officially gotten ugly. Last time we heard from Trummer, he said his trial for the initial fire charges was set for January 24.

Albert Trummer v. Christopher and Heather Tierney [PDF]
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Trummer Denies Second Firebug Arrest, Says Partner Attacked Him