Tough Breaks for Blue Laws; Cooking a $150K Truffle

• So-called blue laws, that forbid or limit alcohol sales on Sundays, have been eroding over the last decade. [USAT]

• At the 12th World White Truffle of Alba Auction on Tuesday, the largest specimen weighed 900 grams and sold for $142,653; now some chef in Hong Kong will base a meal around it on Sunday — no pressure! [Scene Asia/WSJ]

• Food banks in Detroit are rationing handouts as demand for aid overtakes supply; a study suggests urban farming could be the solution. [Michigan Messenger]

• Experts at the International Food Policy Research Institute are warning that rising global food prices may precipitate a hunger crisis for the world’s poor, unless action is taken. [AFP]

• Some small farms would be exempt from regulations stipulated by a bill pending in the Senate that would increase the FDA’s ability to monitor for tainted foods. [AP]

Tough Breaks for Blue Laws; Cooking a $150K Truffle