Times Calls Outer Sunset ‘Bleak’; Chicago’s Charles Joly Wins On the Rocks

• Outer Sunset called “a bleak neighborhood,” but Outerlands is a heartwarming highlight. Sadly, they missed Schweet Boks. [NYT]

• Everyone who queues up at farm:table is “very hiply dressed in perfect San Francisco fashion.” [Tenderblog]

Bouchon Bakery is selling their own stuffing mix, as well as a host of Thanksgiving desserts. [Haute Living]

• A review of The Sunset Cookbook: “an irresistable come-on for the joys of living out here.” [Bay Area Bites]

• Charles Joly, of The Drawing Room in Chicago, won the third season of On the Rocks, the Top Chef of bartending that airs way late, after SNL, at least in this market. [Grub Street Chi]

• Farmers on Virginia’s coast can’t keep up with demand for Haymans, an “ugly, sugary, creamy-white” heirloom sweet potato that is only now becoming known outside the region. [WP]

• The Food Network announced that the upcoming tenth season of Ace of Cakes will be the show’s last. Pie, meanwhile, is off in a corner gloating. [AP]

• This year’s holiday season brings record-breaking demand at food banks; in some areas, bread lines have become commonplace. [WP]

• Break out the bubbly: The National Restaurant Association is reporting that sales — from fine dining to fast food — are up. [USAT]

Times Calls Outer Sunset ‘Bleak’; Chicago’s Charles