The Shrimp Guys Spend Their Lives Endlessly Retweeting

Photo: The Shrimp Guys

The frenzied hype over new food trucks has been reduced to a simmer lately, but Zagat Buzz is still highlighting a “truck of the week” and today introduces L.A. to a restaurant on wheels reads a bit like a mariscos truck on vacation in Hawaii. The Shrimp Guys roll out with a few twisted recipes inspired by their trip to the Islands. Of course, there’s loco moco, along with plates of spicy garlic butter shrimp, and a few requisite crazy tacos, these stuffed with coconut lime and tequila lime shrimp. It’s a simple short menu with potential. But where do you find them? That’s much trickier.

The owners admit they’re not professional chefs on their website, so hopefully they know what they’re doing when it comes to serving shrimp from a vehicle. So far, they don’t seem to be able to handle the great responsibilities that come with having a Twitter account. The duo’s Twitter feed is fairly hard to read, having laid down roughly 25 tweets and retweets in the last 24 hours alone, making it a giant clustertweet of convoluted information that leaves little idea of where they’re actually going to be appearing. When it comes to eating seafood from a truck, neat and clean should be the highest priorities, so let’s hope the truck is better organized than their digital feed.

Do your best to translate this mess on their Twitter page and check out the menu here.

The Shrimp Guys: Food Truck of the Week [Zagat Buzz]

The Shrimp Guys Spend Their Lives Endlessly Retweeting