Tartine, Coi, Popsicles Get Shout-Outs in Russian Bon App

Photo: Eda

Back in September we got an email from Russian food magazine Eda asking for some picks of our favorite places in S.F. for an upcoming feature they were doing on our fair city — the first, actually, that they’ve done on an American city. Well, the issue is now out, and it not only features a bunch of picks from various local citizens (a graphic designer, a banker, a retiree, yours truly), but also a few trivia sidebars about Сан-Франциско (San Francisco) specialties, including one about the origin of the popsicle, which as you may or may not know (we didn’t) was invented by accident by S.F. resident Frank Epperson after leaving some powdered drink mix and water in a cup outdoors, with a stick in it, on an especially cold night in 1905. Below, the translation of the intro to the piece, which is accompanied by a photo of Tartine Bakery and some popsicles.

“39% of San Francisco residents were born abroad, and every nationality is represented gastronomically with something as small as a simple street cart or as big as the biggest Chinatown in the world outside of China. Sushi and pastry, foie gras and kebab - you can find it all in the gastronomy capital of San Francisco.”

Our food specialties, by the way, are cioppino, “salad lui,” the Mai Tai, Irish coffee, It’s It, and the popsicle.

For our part, we tried to explain the concept of a Mission burrito, but this appears to have been lost on them, and was not included.

Click below and go through the scrolling, virtual magazine to page 68 to see the full spread, but we’d recommend being able to read Russian.

Special thanks to Tatiana Arbogast.

Сан-Франциско (San Francisco) [Eda]
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Tartine, Coi, Popsicles Get Shout-Outs in Russian Bon App