Sun Wah Fails Inspection; Hopes to Reopen Before Thanksgiving

Best known for it's Peking duck...
Best known for it’s Peking duck… Photo: supafly/Flickr

Talk about bad timing. Sun Wah received four critical, two serious and four minor violations from the Chicago Department of Public Health during a surprise inspection last Friday. The restaurant was fined nearly $4,000 and quickly closed. This is all before Thanksgiving, when the critically acclaimed Chinese restaurant usually cooks more than 100 turkeys for customers to take home. Luckily, they are vowing to reopen in time.

In a strangely honest moment, the restaurant admitted that they screwed up and vowed to make it better. “We slipped up,” partner Laura Cheng told the Tribune, “We’re not denying it. But everything’s been taken care of.”

The restaurant will hopefully be reinspected today or tomorrow, and, following a positive evaluation, should be able to dish out turkeys for the big day. Cheng promised to work through the night on Wednesday to get all the orders down. “We’re not going to let our customers down.”

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Sun Wah Fails Inspection; Hopes to Reopen Before Thanksgiving