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Sixty Chef Recommendations, But What Do They All Mean?

Photo: Melissa Hom

Well, this is flattering — the folks at the Daily Meal are apparently big fans of the Food Chain, because they’ve not only mapped out all 60 dishes that chefs have recommended to us over the past year, but they’ve also divided them into cuisine and neighborhood (among other categories). They’ve even gone so far as to count the amount of times a male chef passed the mike to a female chef, and vice versa. So what’s the end conclusion? Among other things, it seems that for all of their bacon tats, the chefs we spoke to generally remembered their recent seafood meals the most fondly.

What would you have thought would have been the central ingredient most mentioned? Pork, right? Wrong. It’s seafood, 18 to 12. Bacon tastes good. Pork chops taste good. But could it be that given the chance, chefs actually prefer to order dishes like seafood salad, fried oysters, and grilled toro? And which was more the more frequent ingredient, tofu or truffles? They were both only mentioned twice. Potatoes killed lamb, four to one. Beef tied with eggs (7), and offal was just as popular as chicken (6).

Click on over to the Daily Meal — there’s way more number crunching where that came from …

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Sixty Chef Recommendations, But What Do They All Mean?