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Shaq Serenades Amazed Pubgoers with ‘Cheers’ Theme Song

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Can’t really picture Tom Brady doing this. Yesterday, sprightly Shaquille O’Neal popped into Cheers on Beacon Street and gave drinkers the kind of out-of-body thrill that only absinthe can typically provide. The Herald reports that Shaq arrived at the bar around 3 p.m. and performed a rousing rendition of the Cheers theme song, then made himself comfortable on Norm’s honorary bar stool.

Head bobbing to and fro, gamely crooning just a tiny bit off-key, Shaq gave the ditty his all. (Lest we forget, this is a man who has four rap albums to his credit.) We encourage you to check out the video of his “Cheers” appearance here.

We’re giving our signed copy of Shaq Diesel an honorary spin today.

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Shaq Serenades Amazed Pubgoers with ‘Cheers’ Theme Song