Scammers Try to Con Restaurants; A Sulking Gordon Ramsay Retreats to The States

• A scam designed to steal sensitive personal information from restaurateurs involves people calling and falsely claiming to be from government health departments. [Baltimore Sun]

• Can someone start the Sad Gordo meme already? A “downcast” Gordon Ramsay has left England in order to nurse his wounds here in the States. [Daily Mail]

• The raw milk raid that started at Santa Monica’s Rawsome restaurant has lead authorities to Missouri’s Morningland Dairy, where calls for the destruction of its raw cheese operation are being fought despite evidence that cheese found there had dangerous bacteria. [Food Safety News]

Animal chef Jon Shook feels that the passing of Proposition 19 will give a financial boost to farmers. [Squid Ink]

• Smokey Robinson is putting an album out through The Cracker Barrel, which apparently only put out country albums in the past, hence the name “Cracker Barrel.” [Contact Music]

• Montrose Collection restaurant has been padlocked to prevent it from conducting any unpermitted business. [Glendale News Press]

• The Hong Kong outpost of L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon is the latest restaurant to do the iPad wine list thing. We might as well just embrace that this trend is going to get worse before it gets better. [WSJ]

• See Spot Be Elitist: A new line from “Original Pet Food” promises to be the first that uses organic grass-fed beef for cats and dogs to eat. [PR Newswire]

• Pom Wonderful begins a trial today against Tropicana, arguing that the latter company’s pomegranate juice is mostly pear and other mixed juices. []

Scammers Try to Con Restaurants; A Sulking Gordon Ramsay Retreats to The States