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Say It Ain’t So: Meritage Discontinues Korean Fried Chicken

Anne Coll
Anne Coll Photo: Meritage

Meritage’s Chef Anne Coll is doing the unthinkable; she’s discontinuing her Thursday night Korean fried chicken special, which is one of the crispiest, tastiest birds this side of Philly’s Korea-town. She’s replacing it with what she’s calling Nana’s Favorite Dishes, a new weekly tasting menu inspired by her grandmother’s most adored dishes. “This week was the last week for our Korean fried chicken,” Coll told Grub Street. “It kind of lost steam, and this is our busiest time of year, so its really hard for us to keep it up and everything else in our small kitchen.”

Nana’s Favorite Dishes, on the other hand, will feature dishes created from and inspired by Coll’s grandmother’s original recipes. Of course they’ve been refined to reflect Coll’s skillful culinary repertoire. And since her grandmother lived in Lancaster, the dishes all feature components created with fresh organic ingredients from Lancaster County’s Green Meadow Farm. The dishes are basically her recipes,” Coll explains. “They’re just presented in a different sort of way.” While the menu will change each week through the end of December, some highlights from the $39 four-course feast include pickled red beets with a petite salad, pickled quails egg, goat cheese mousse, toast, a traditional Lancaster Pot Pie, and braised beef short rib, with sweet and sour red cabbage, horseradish cheddar souffle, and sauteed spinach.

Other menu updates at Meritage include a pork belly Korean taco that’s available nightly, and Coll says to keep an eye out for Korean fried chicken wings in weeks to come.

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Say It Ain’t So: Meritage Discontinues Korean Fried Chicken