Sanrio Carnival Includes Hello Kitty-Flavored Food

Hello Kitty sushi
Hello Kitty sushi Photo: Cvander via Flickr

If you’ve ever wondered what Hello Kitty tastes like, well, you sound pretty sick, pal. Nonetheless, you might get your chance to find out next Friday as Sanrio Inc. kicks off a ten-day carnival at Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar for the company’s 50th anniversary. The “Small Gift” event is designed like a midway fair, with Hello Kitty-themed games, costumed characters, an art show featuring undergrounder takes on Sanrio critters, art and food workshops, and classic carnival rides. At the event’s center will be a mobile food court, with different trucks rotating over the course of the ten days and special Hello Kitty flavors from Yogurtland and Beard Papa’s, makers of those Japanese cream puffs that decimate your diet every time you leave Sawtelle’s Nijiya market. So, what does a Hello Kitty cream-puff taste like?

Yogurtland’s flavors will come with toppings that riff on Sanrio characters, including one named Chococat, who already sounds edible. Meanwhile, Beard Papa’s will have its own booth dispensing a strawberry-flavored cream puff with sprinkles, while shilling a tote bag that commemorates the union between Beard Papa’s and Hello Kitty. Workshops include cupcake decorating and sushi bento box making during an event that will doubtlessly strain your tolerance for all things “cute” by the end of the day.

Sanrio’s Small Gift event opens up next Friday, November 12th and runs through November 21st at Santa Monica Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Ave. Santa Monica.

Sanrio Carnival Includes Hello Kitty-Flavored Food