Sammy Hagar: El Paseo Will Be ‘The Best Friggin’ Restaurant In Marin County’

Photo: John Lee/MIJ

Everyone knows it’s hard to do anything in Marin County besides go for a hike, and as Sammy Hagar tells the Marin Independent Journal , he and partner Tyler Florence got exactly zero special treatment as they’ve been trying to renovate and reopen El Paseo in Mill Valley. “The truth of the matter is that around every corner we hit a complete roadblock,” he says. “It’s almost like the city, the health department, the environmental department, the ADA people, didn’t want us to do this, and I don’t get it. Everyone jumped on us. Here this place has been a restaurant for 27 years, and everyone acted as though it was a brand new project.”

Hagar says they probably could have gotten the much-delayed restaurant open for Christmas, but “It’s been so damn long as it is, what’s the hurry?” They’re now shooting for a January opening. The rock star turned tequila mogul, who also owns bar-restaurants in Cabo San Lucas and St. Louis, insists that he and Florence are giving their all to this venture and that they’re sparing no expense. Not only will it be “the best friggin’ restaurant in Marin County,” he insists, “We’re gonna run it like the greatest place on the planet.”

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Sammy Hagar: El Paseo Will Be ‘The Best Friggin’ Restaurant In Marin